We specialise in online ordering and marketing systems for Thai restaurants

We specialise in online ordering and marketing systems for Thai restaurants

“You can now have your own delivery orders picked up by our delivery system”

Local For You now has delivery options for you! We offer restaurants the power of on-demand drivers with competitive low rates working with our Online ordering and marketing system.


You can now have delivery drivers pick up your orders!

With Covid-19 affecting the hospitality businesses globally, we all know how vital delivery integration is with your online ordering systems. Our full service delivery partnership means you can have on-demand drivers while still saving on commission fees, all on our online ordering system platform.

How Online Ordering + Delivery Work

We can now integrate your online ordering system with our delivery system to create a smooth transaction door to door. No stress! You set the estimated ready time, the driver picks up the delivery, and the customer can track their order. All with no commission!

Order & Driver confirmed

You set up the “order ready time” and delivery driver assigned.

Delivery Complete

Customer receives a delivery confirmation, delivery is dropped off by driver. The Order is complete.

Order Placed

A customer places an order and pays via your online ordering system.

Order Pick Up

Driver picks up the order from your restaurant, customer will receive an SMS with tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be charged a flat rate for delivery orders. The first 3km is only $10.90, and then $1 for every 0.9 km extra after that.

Enable your delivery zones. The system will charge the customer based on their distance from your venue.

You pay $0 commission. The payment is a flat fee per delivery. 

No. When you set up our delivery driver integration, all delivery orders will be dispatched to that system. Talk to our team today if you’d like other options.

Just call our support team and we will start the process for you! New and existing customers , contact us via our live chat or our contact page.

Yes, all of our products come with a no lock in contract. The monthly fee will be the last payment made when you cancel. Simply turn off the delivery subscription to avoid any future deliveries or charges.

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