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Starting from $199 /month

Digital Advertising

Reach more customers than ever before!

With powerful and effective paid media, you can directly target people in your local area and engage with new and existing customers. Facebook ads, Google ads and Yelp offer an unmatched reach and can result in orders as soon as ads go live. Our Thai massage marketing specialists use their proven strategies to gain interest in your brand, capture clicks and convert to more orders!

Email Marketing

Build customer loyalty!

No other communications channel can speak directly between your business and your customers like an email can. We design and manage weekly email campaigns that are branded to your business! You approve the email, we do all the rest!

Google Reviews Reputation

Companies like Yelp and Zomato focus on customer reviews, Google My Business also invites reviews, and Facebook has a ‘like’ button that users can click to endorse a particular business page. This feedback is so invaluable to you as a business owner!

Local For You will help you to manage your reviews. How you respond to your reviews can make a huge difference… even turning a hurtful review by an upset customer into an opportunity to impress potential new customers!

Social Media Management

Social media allows you to establish connections with potential customers, highlight popular dishes, and initiate social interactions that will improve your overall conversion rates and ROI.

Our Thai massage marketing specialist keeps your business relevant on Facebook/Instagram and Google My Business. Stay fresh with engaging content that your customers will love! Learn how to add this on to our Bundle packs and save!

Promotion Add-on

Hook more customers with irresistible offers

Run multiple promotions like a pro. Adding promotions to your Online ordering system targets customers with precision selling and amplifies marketing through client segmentation and target profiling.

SMS marketing

Easy and affordable mobile marketing!

Communicate with your customers with our intuitively easy text messaging system.

Effective SMS marketing (For as low as $0.065 per SMS)

connects you to your existing customers with a single text message. It can be an extremely cost-effective form of advertising as it reminds customers of your restaurant and increases their ability to recall your brand. *USA only. Add $6 per month for toll-free number (required).

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is the trail of your online activities as a business. The more online activities you have, the larger your footprint becomes.

We offer services to enhance and update your online business information to ensure you don’t miss out on business opportunities. It’s not just about your store’s open or closed hours; we provide website links and map listings for your customers.

Website Makeover

A good business must have a professional website because a website will help make your business easily discoverable in the online world, and it also increases opportunities for sales.

It creates trust and serves as a space to showcase your information, even when your physical location is closed, your website remains open for your customers to explore or visit at any time.

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