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EP 1 – How to get your phone customers to order online

In our very first episode we discuss how you can move those phone order customers to ordering through your online menu. We discuss how this will actually increase your revenue, and why the phone should be still an important part of your strategy.

EP 2 – How to train your staff to grow your business with you

Today we chat about how your staff can actually make or break your business, we give you our tips on how to train them to not only grow your business but help in flourish.

EP 3 – When should you take your menulog merchandise down

You have all the Menulog, EatNow, Ubereats, Foodoora ect stickers merchandise all over your store, in this podcast we discuss when is the best time to remove them and more importantly what to replace them with.

EP 4 – Controlling Your Digital Footprint

In this episode we talk about your digital foot print and why it is an absolute must that you control it, we talk about how your digital footprint can be ambushed by 3rd party aggregators and what you can do to avoid this from happening.

EP 5 – Ubereats vs NOT HAVING Ubereats

In this episode we talk about our experience with using ubereats, from using the app to placing a delivering and waiting for it too come, we share with you the things we learnt

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